Creating solutions for mental and behavioral health

Our kids are facing a mental and behavioral health crisis, and Children’s Wisconsin is committed to changing that.

Bringing kids' mental and behavioral health into the light

Kids across Wisconsin are facing a mental and behavioral health crisis. They have high rates of anxiety, depression and suicide and not enough access to care. But with your help, we can change that.

At Children's Wisconsin, we believe caring for a child's mental and behavioral health is just as important as caring for their physical health. We’re inviting you to help us Shine Through and light a path forward to better mental and behavioral health for kids in our state.

Parents, start here

You are not alone in caring for your child's mental and behavioral health. Children's Wisconsin has resources and tips for talking to your child.

It’s time to Shine Through

Shine Through brings to life the important work Children’s Wisconsin is doing to detect needs sooner, reduce stigma and improve access to care for kids with mental and behavioral health needs.

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Helping kids in their school

An innovative partnership between Children’s Wisconsin and the Racine Unified School District brings therapists into schools.

Training future therapists

Our Therapist Fellowship Program helps therapists get licensed faster so they can serve children and families.

Screening for suicide in our Emergency Department

Since 2018, all kids age 11 and up are given the Ask Suicide-Screening Questions when they come to our Emergency Department.