I’m taking the #ShineThroughPledge

Because as kids return to school, we need to support their mental and behavioral health.

The situation facing our kids

As parents across Wisconsin prepare their kids to return to school during COVID-19, some may find their children struggling with stress from the pandemic and showing signs of anxiety or distress.

The emotional impact of the pandemic on children — coupled with prolonged social isolation and the uncertainties of what to expect when school returns — has created an urgent need for parents to take action.

Take the #ShineThroughPledge

Children’s Wisconsin is asking every parent of a school-aged child to make a promise that they will talk with their child before school starts to assess their child’s feelings about returning to school during COVID-19. We’re calling it the #ShineThroughPledge and we want you to participate. Here’s how:

  1. Post your promise using #ShineThroughPledge on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  2. In your post, tag other parents in your social networks to encourage them to also take the pledge. Also be sure to include a link to this web page (that you’re reading right now) because it contains all the #ShineThroughPledge details.

If you’re posting on Instagram, we encourage you to include a selfie with your pledge!

Example pledge
Not sure what to say in social media? You can copy/paste the following example #ShineThroughPledge


I’m taking the #ShineThroughPledge to support my child’s mental and behavioral health. I promise to talk with my child before school starts so I can better understand their feelings about returning to school during COVID-19.


Tips for starting the conversation with kids

We recognize you might not know what to say or what to listen for when talking with your child about returning to school during COVID-19. That’s OK. There’s no script to follow. The most important thing is to simply start a dialogue with your child and see where the conversation goes.

But if you’re looking for some suggestions on how to get started, we’ve got you covered. We encourage you to watch the following video featuring Dr. Jenny Walczak, clinical director of mental and behavioral health at Children’s Wisconsin, to help you get started.